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About Us

Crema is a digital product agency helping individuals and companies thrive through innovation, design, and technology that transforms. We design, build, and launch transformative software solutions for disruptive companies and industry leaders. Inspired by the golden layer on top of an espresso shot, Crema is comprised of a passionate team of product experts committed to the mastery of their crafts: software development, design, test engineering, product management, and coaching.

Our approach is based on the idea that cross-disciplinary collaboration is the secret behind exceptional products. This structure allows Crema’s product teams to work together with their unique skill sets and perspectives to solve our clients’ biggest problems.

Our clients range from global enterprises to funded startups and small businesses. Though our experience lies in the industries of global consulting, fintech, engineering, HR and cybersecurity, we value the opportunity to explore and innovation with companies in any field.

At our core, we help our clients unlock the potential of their ideas. We may help them get up to speed on Miro, prototype a custom workflow app to simplify workflows, or leverage a Design Sprint to gain leadership buy-in. Regardless of the engagement, we are guided by our core values to create a world where individuals and companies thrive.

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