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About Us

The Future of Living

Smart technology has come a long way and it's easy to get lost in the evolving landscape. Let Homebase be your partner in connectivity, smart access and building-wide WiFi. Whether you're looking to upgrade an existing property or build the next signature community in your portfolio, our suite of solutions enables ease of use, multi-tiered access control and increased NOI.

Increase NOI & property value by owning your own building-wide WiFi network.

Why share your residents' wallets with a third party internet provider when you can own your own? Homebase manages the secured private network while you define pricing, speeds and subscription tiers. Homebase Pay automatically collects payment and your residents always stay connected. Contact us & see how your peers have increased their property valuation.

The future of Intercom, in the palm of your hand.

Say goodbye to expensive intercom systems and grant visitor access sent straight to their phone. Set the duration and permissions to every door in the community, not just the main entrance, via a custom QR code. No app or fob needed.

Connecting communities. Unlocking the future.

Homebase is the only hubless smart building solution built for multifamily that combines entry, community wide Wifi, IoT and property automation in one, ensuring your property is ready for the future of access control. Unlock your future benefits by monetizing community kitchen, storage, conference room or other amenity spaces with instant booking and payment directly through the Homebase app.

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