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Integrity Inspired Solutions LLC



About Us

OUR MISSION: To improve the lives of everyone who comes into contact with the software development process. That includes both the people who want the software and the people who build it.

Integrity Inspired is a custom software development firm that can quickly and transparently build software that specifically fits your business or market needs.

We do this through a custom combination of Lean and Agile practices specifically selected to control risk, foster innovation, welcome your changes, and provide a level of collaboration and project insight that's difficult to find in our industry.

Having developed several projects for several different verticals, we can also help you plan your MVPs and product strategy.

We build software that’s a pleasure to use, easy for other developers to work with, and makes people awesome at what they want to do.

We keep healthy collaboration and relationships at the center of the entire development cycle.

We look out for one another's best interests (or love, as we like to call it).

We choose processes and practices that create, repair, and grow healthy relationships and interactions.

And if you like the way we work, we also offer coaching and workshops on how to customize the Integrity Way to your business context to bring these same benefits to your operations.

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